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The Arboretum
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Recent Articles
Shaktipat & Gurus
What is a "guru?" A guru energetically plugs into your seventh chakra, white washes, and wipes out, your perception of your own spiritual information, and then spoon feeds it back to you at his/her leisure. It is an agreement that comes with all kinds of control games.


Spirit Guide Myths
There is a big spiritual myth in our culture that a being without a body, i.e., a spirit, has more information, knowledge, and wisdom, than ones with a body, i.e., people like you and me...actually this is not true and even some very high beings still don't have your innate or unique spiritual information.

We have been very conditioned to give up our seniority and certainty to spirit "guides." There are just as many spirit tricksters, spirit assholes, and spirit troublemakers out there as there are guides. Even guides who can help you have their own agendas.


Forests that Talk
Plants are sentient, living things. Our thoughts and feelings are energy, and are contagious; the earth can biologically absorb that energy. Therefore, many people, whether conscious of it or not, go out into the forests to release energy and heal themselves. This article examines some ways to enhance and support this practice.

The worst time/place to go hiking is generally toward the end of the summer on busy trails; this is because everyone has dumped so much energy into the forest that you really have to wait until there are a couple strong rainstorms before that energy gets cleared out. It just gets thick with it.

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