Release. Let go. And create for yourself.

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Free Meditation mp3s
The book includes two free grounding meditations in standard mp3 audio format. Grounding should be easy, effortless, and fun. These mp3s are designed to encourage that attitude and perception. If you're trying too hard or putting in too much effort, then chances are you are operating from a space of power and control, rather than insight and intuition. Nature does not try to do everything all at once; that is an effort picture. You can integrate into your grounding meditation the concept of releasing energy in waves, effortlessly.

More on Grounding
Most people don't consciously know about the concept of grounding – so you might wonder: what is life like without a grounding cord?

People who don't have grounding cords tend to hold on to things, experiences, past relationships, traumas, family expectations, and a whole lot more. As the years progress they feel heavier and denser; they go into more apathy, resistance, and anger toward life. Just take a look at popular American comedians and you will notice this kind of personality fairly quickly.

People without grounding cords gradually remove their awareness from themselves, because being in their body is too painful. I've seen people stuck in the unconscious belief that it's easier for them to be an alcoholic than to be "in their body" as a spirit. I've even seen people go into so much apathy, because they felt so overwhelmed with life and all of the family demands in their space that they were unconscious to, that they just wanted to end it all.

The funny thing is that you don't actually have to fix, figure out, analyze, heal, or solve any of the problems, energies, or emotions in your inner space. That concept is very much outside the realm of traditional therapy, where you simply talk about problems. With grounding cord meditations you can just let them go.

One hour of grounding can accomplish what years of psychotherapy can do. Of course there is nothing wrong with talking about your problems – that allows you to bring emotions and issues to the surface of your awareness; but most people have no way of actually releasing all that baggage, once and for all. So by grounding, you learn to release the memories, and "pictures," that your body has held onto unconsciously, and become neutral to them.

If you can't be neutral to the emotions, energies, and pictures in your body, and aura, then what happens is that you tend to become controlled by them or start resisting them. People then become stuck in the underlying, sub-conscious, pictures as if they were real – acting them out, owning them, projecting them onto the world around them, and creating strange and miserable situations for themselves as a result. All that baggage eventually gets hidden under layers and layers of unconscious energy.

So most people are completely unaware of all of the family energies, past life pictures, and transmedium influences which are affecting them – and, in essence, tailoring their decisions and perceptions. Being able to ground means being able to release all of those things, including your own emotions, so that they no longer control you unconsciously; it means owning your experience as a spirit in a body.

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Currently, only the e-book is available. My printer, Lulu, has apparently reduced their quality so much that customers reported that their book had fallen apart. So I have taken the paperback buying option off for now.