Release. Let go. And create for yourself.

The Grounding Book

A grounding cord is a very simple, yet powerful, meditation tool used to connect you to the earth, much like tree roots connect a tree to the earth. It is a way of releasing energy and allowing you to feel comfortable in your body. Some people are calling this "earthing" nowadays. A grounding cord is the foundation upon which energy work lies.

You are a spirit in a body. That's a popular platitude in spiritual books; but no one ever asks you: how much are you actually in that body? How much of your own information are you really operating off of?

When other people's energy is in your space then you end up unconsciously creating for them. You also end up being subtly controlled by their expectations, seeing the world through their pictures, and accepting their limitations, all unconsciously. I wrote this book to help you take a step up in your ability to release those energies, patterns, and pictures which do not truly work for you. This book is a great opportunity to look at your own spirit's information on grounding from the perspective of being clairvoyant.

The spirit tends to, almost always, be elevated above the body in many religions and cultures – the body is seen as something profane. But the truth is that your body is a miracle; it is a huge opportunity. It is your opportunity to work karma, get free of past life pictures, create a positive accumulation of actions for yourself, and experience, and learn, all kinds of things which are impossible without a body. But in order to really own, and maximize, those opportunities, you have to have a strong foundation and be energetically present in your body; and that is exactly what grounding helps you to create for yourself.

Many people doing meditation and healing work do in fact learn about grounding, but never stop to realize that the tool, and ability, requires development, attention, maintenance, and modification. Using the same grounding cord over and over is one of the biggest mistakes people tend to make with the tool. Upgrading your grounding cord information regularly, which is much different from simply changing it, is also very important. My clairvoyant colleagues and I regularly do energy work, meditation, and clairvoyant readings together in order to help clear and clean out our grounding cords.

About the book
When I edited this book I had two distinct choices; I could make it accessible to as many people as possible, but it would mean diluting the information so that the average person could have it; I would have to change the diction to cut out every reference in the book to "energy" and “spirit” and make it strictly about visualization. The other option was to keep the information purely from the perspective of the sixth chakra. I chose the latter. I felt that if I had diluted the information I would be giving less to people.

I want to be very clear: this book is only 40 pages in a six by nine format. Now that may seem small, but this book contains techniques and information that very few people have in published form and a few critical secrets that no one has published. There is one tiny piece of information in this book that took me three months to figure out and, if you are grounding regularly, it can make the difference between you feeling completely exhausted and rejuvenated and refreshed! Small changes in your grounding space can have huge effects on you. In fact, that single piece of information is worth the price of this book alone, but most people do not understand how valuable certain meditation information really is.

This book will save you months, and possibly even years, in searching. If you are a healer, massage therapist, or dedicated spiritual explorer then this book is for you.

If you already use and know about this tool then this is your opportunity to take a big step up in your ability to release energy, cleanse your space, and use the concept of grounding cords in new and unique ways. Did you know that you can ground lost objects or restaurant seats? Find out how to ground other people without creating karma for yourself...

What else does the book include?
Everyone who buys the book will also have access to two grounding meditations in standard mp3 audio format (via the "More" page). The book takes you step by step through the process of creating and using the tool. You will also discover another tool that acts as a counterpart to the grounding tool and is necessary to replenish your own energy. Without replenishing yourself grounding can become a fruitless, troublesome, or even dangerous activity...

This book goes into detail about the difference between being in your body, versus shifting your awareness, versus running lots of earth energy, versus validating your body. Often times people use the term "grounded" to mean one or more of those things when actually they are quite different from the concept of a grounding cord – a tool specifically used to release energy from your aura, body, and chakras.

This book also includes unique suggestions for massage therapists, so that you don't have to take on so much of your client's energy. This information isn't something you're going to find elsewhere, unless you study with a community of psychics over a long period of time.

Order your copy
Currently, only the e-book is available. My printer, Lulu, has apparently reduced their quality so much that customers reported that their book had fallen apart. So I have taken the paperback buying option off for now.